Design Lead
Massive Change Network
Work on What You Love: Bruce Mau Rethinking Design exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

In collaboration with Bruce Mau and the Philadelphia Museum of Art, I led the exhibition design, content development, and project management of Work on What You Love: Bruce Mau Rethinking Design. The exhibition featured Bruce Mau’s design methodology, 24Hours2MassiveChange, applied to nine current and previous projects. By illuminating the thought process behind the projects and displaying the intellectual tools used, the exhibition aimed to inspire and inform the future of design.


I synthesized research from interviews and past work developed a physical model to test the guests journey through the space and story. I guided the team, including a graphic designer, writer, and web developer to produce the exhibition.


A carefully calibrated mix of oversized wall text, artifacts, projected video, and interactive touch screens invited visitors to explore the methodology.  


The community table in the center of the exhibition served as quiet space for reflecting on the exhibition and connecting with other visitors. iPads tethered to the table offered visitors the opportunity to explore the principles in depth and sign up for community workshops.


I organized workshops with the Museum and three Philadelphia organizations to teach the design thinking methodology and apply to local civic challenges. 


Learn more about the exhibition or about Bruce Mau.

Design Direction: Bruce Mau
PMA team: Kathy Hiesinger and Colin Fanning, Curatorial Fellow
PMA exhibition design, AV, writers: Jack Schlechter, Jamie Montgomery, Steve Keever, Amy Hewitt
Book touch screen development: Quinn Keaveny