Experience Designer
Interactive environment at the As you are: A Decade of You Are Beautiful exhibition, 2013

Chicago curator Matthew Hoffman invited me and designer Michael Pecirno, with whom I collaborated on this project, to participate in an exhibition celebrating the 10th anniversary of  You Are Beautiful, a Chicago-born public art project that has become a global movement. 

Michael and I knew the show would be emotionally powerful and we wanted to give visitors a chance to participate in that moment.


The piece we designed for the show offered visitors a place where they could sit and reflect, and where they could write and leave their thoughts.


People responded by covering the Plexiglas we had installed with beautiful messages in many languages. When the plexi was full, they covered the paper tubes in the installation with more heart-warming writing.


We collaborated to sketch the concept, made digital and physical prototype to determine how people would move through and interact with the space in context with the rest of the exhibition, planned the letterforms, and materials needed to build. 


Design collaboration: Michael Pecirno
Build collaboration: Tafhim Rahman, Levi Borreson